Supima®: The World’s Best Cotton

Silk, wool, cashmere – these natural fibers get the reputation of being the belles of the ball, while cotton, our beloved foundational fiber, is a little less glitz and glam, but oh, is it something really quite special.

You’ve probably seen photos of sprawling cotton fields, speckled with infinite white dots that go off into the horizon. And it seems that everything from your everyday white cotton tee to the one you sleep in – it’s all the same, right? Some variation of 100% cotton, cotton blended with rayon? Some variation of “wear 10 times, it pills, then it slowly, but surely, becomes one of the shirts you bake / clean your bathroom / wash your car in.

Cotton is cotton – that is, until you meet Supima®. It represents only 1% of the world’s cotton supply – and there’s good reason for that. As an ultra-premium grade cotton, made of ultra-long staple fibers -- one and a half times longer fibers than regular cotton varieties -- it’s incredibly soft. Longer fibers mean softer, less prone to irritating your skin, and that wholesome wrapped-in-a-cloud feeling. Stay tuned, we’ll unravel more about what makes Supima® such a luxurious fiber.

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