Effortlessly Nail the Off-Duty Look: 10 Ways to Wear a Tee

woman wearing third citizen line art tee

It’s no secret that a short-sleeved cotton tee is the ultimate off-duty Holy Grail of our wardrobes. We get home from work, or wake up on weekends, and can’t wait to throw on something comfortable. No boring button-ups, slacks, meeting-appropriate 2 inch heels. Nope, work mode is officially over, and we run our fingers through our racks of closet faves – the pieces that really feel like US.

We pick our comfy Mom jeans, walk-for-blocks-and-blocks with an off-duty runway model confident ‘tude booties, and nine times out of ten, tie it all together with a nice short-sleeved tee (our best friend after our living, breathing ones). Top it with a layered necklace, a denim jacket, and a swipe of your My Lips But Better lipstick, and we’re ready for 24 hours of living our best lives. We head to brunch with our girlfriends, grab coffee for a walk through the park, bump into a friend we haven’t seen in a year, and stay up late talking about everything under the sun. And get ready for another day of an off-duty foolproof outfit. If you ask us, the short-sleeved cotton tee is a forever fave we reach for without fail every time.

Every classic item in our wardrobes has endless potential, so let’s take a look at some styling inspiration ideas for rewearing pieces over and over again in creative ways – using the luxury tee as the blank canvas for our everyday styling.

Wear Your Tee with a Pleated Skirt and Block Heels

girl in pleated midi skirt and tshirt and blazer and block heels

We love combining comfort and style, a combination that never goes out of style. One combo we keep going back to is wearing a minimalist tee with a long, pleated skirt and suede block heels. Waist-cinching, yet comfortable, and better yet, no constant pulling at hemlines or adjusting fabric left and right, the pleated skirt is high on our list of favorite pieces to pair with a tee. Statement jewelry – we love a good attention-grabbing necklace or earrings – is the icing on the cake.

Pair it with a Long Cardigan and Skinny Jeans

woman wearing black supima tee with sweater

There's nothing more weekend chic than a long cardigan thrown over a tee, tucked into your favorite pair of skinny jeans, and tied together with some cute low-heeled ankle booties. The silhouette is all at once super elongating for your body (petite girls will appreciate the added plus of this easy fashion trick), and oh so comfortable. Extra: you'll look like Superwoman as you're walking and your cardigan blows in the wind. Count us in.

Fashion it with a Matching Set

fashionable woman wearing blazer and cotton tee

Looking for a bold statement? You’re not all business, all the time, and neither is your wardrobe. That matching blazer and trouser set sitting in your closet, usually reserved for business meetings? Put the button-up blouse away, exchange it for a soft tee and a brighter, bolder lipstick, and suddenly, you’re no longer boardroom-ready; you’re off-the-clock style-savvy. Toss the work heels back in the closet, and put on your favorite loafers or slides for a look that’s composed, yet a touch more comfortable and casual. All it takes is a minor edit, and you still carry that confident swagger with you even off duty.

Dress it Up with a Classic Wool Coat

woman wearing cotton shirt with wool coat

A structured wool coat ties together any outfit. A staple that takes you through fall and winter, you can simply wear this coat over a simple tee, or go for an additional layer with a loose knit sweater or cardigan. A pair of slick cat-eye sunglasses both keep your eyes safe from those winter UV rays, and of course, look cute as ever.

Turn an Evening Piece into a Daytime Piece

woman wearing trendy spaghetti top bustier

We’ll say this time and time again: Tees are your layering bestie. Gone are the days when you consign all your sleeveless / strapless tops to the summer-only closet. Bustiers are not only flattering; they’re an unexpected pairing that surprisingly looks amazing with a tee and a pair of straight leg jeans. With a tee underneath, it turns a nighttime-appropriate piece into an edgy daytime darling.

Create a Playful Outfit with a Camisole Slip Dress

woman wearing a luxury tee and romper

Strike that perfect balance between trendy and playful with a camisole slip dress over a tee. Sneakers, a denim jacket, a crossbody bag, and delicate layered gold necklaces make this a fun outfit for those days when you have an endless list of things to do and people to see, but you want to look on point.

Go Cool Girl on Hot Summer Nights with a Blazer and Cutoff Shorts

girl wearing tee and blazer

For those long summertime days, where we try to soak in the sun and balmy nights for as long as we can, a luxury tee is a perfect versatile piece that allows you to transform an outfit easily with just a quick change. Take a tee and shorts combo from day to night easily by throwing a blazer over it, and exchanging a pair of daytime flats for a pair of your favorite heels. Add a few pieces of eye-catching jewelry, and you suddenly have an ensemble that lasts you all night.

Stand Out with a Knotted Tee, Fitted Skirt, and Booties

woman with knotted tshirt and jeans

Knot your tee in the middle, paired with a fitted skirt, and white booties for a standout, sexy look instantly. Body-hugging, this whole look is fearless and ready for a night out on the town. We’re a fan of heeled sock boots that taper at the ankles, elongating your legs (who doesn’t love this?). Rock that tee with those supermodel legs.

Layer Your Tee with Two Jackets

woman wearing a tee with layers and denim jacket

Layers don't have to stop at one or two. You have endless mix-and-match pairings that together, create their own unique look. Chilly out? Women's tees are usually the first, and best layer. Think of your first layer as the one that's meant to be the softest, and everything over this should be your protection against the chill. You don't have to go straight for your warmest wools. Instead, think about taking a few thin jackets and making a whole new warm piece by simply layering them over one another. Start with the most form-fitting, like a thin leather jacket. Then throw your looser-fitting denim jacket over, and boom, you've got an outfit that screams "My style: 1, The Weather: 0."

Wear it Half Untucked with Denim Cutoff Shorts

woman with a supima cotton tee half untucked in denim cutoff shorts

For those days when you want to give an otherwise simple outfit a little something extra, with minimal effort, all it takes is half-untucking/tucking your tee. It's that thoughtful "thrown together" look. Maximum effect with minimum effort has never looked so good.


Photo Credit: our friends at Caya Creatives


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